Our Territory

Villasimius is a town located next to the sea.

It is one of the most beautiful sceneries of Sardinia.

The panoramic coastal road allows a 360° sea view, a sight that leaves everyone breathless at the glace of the amazing costline.

For this reason, there are still some warning towers, used in the 16th century to defend the sea from the Barbary Corsairs, who patrolled this area ready to plunder it.

These towers have become the most important trace of the history of Villasimius and Sardinia, they are the keepers of the past of Sardinia.

The historical and cultural heritage of Villasimius is kept in the Council Archaeological Museum: you will discover numerous finds, art pieces and carefully studied exhibitions that will fascinate the visitors with stories from the Phoenician, Roman and Punic cultures, who have dominated this area over centuries.

Villasimius is a very lively town always offering cultural diversity: visitors can enjoy exhibitions and themed walking itineraries. The town library holds a particular interest: here are conserved more than 8500 books, divided into sections; there is a wide choice of books in English, French and German, a very rare case in a tourist library.